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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

For Whom to Vote

  1. Help the person who stands side by side and help to develop the area by his action and getting the co-operation of the people and give him your vote.
  2. Don' t vote for  anyone because he has many followers just by name.
  3. If he is a bachelor and has no commitments and he is really an honest person and not expecting anything flattery or bribe.
  4. If he can lead the people for a good cause, help the people for getting drinking water and remove the silt from the lakes,ponds and water-bodies. yes you can vote for him.
  5. Find the person who spends his personal money carefully and handling the bank accounts in the proper manner.
  6. Find the person who pays his all dues in time.
  7. Find the person who can spare all /most of his time for the welfare of the people in the area.
  8. Find the person who in interested in the State and in the country.
  9. Find the person who does not like many boot licking persons who come with him to have a photograph with him for personal gains.
  10. Find the person who keeps up his word at any cost. and do not give any lame excuses.
  11. Find the person who obeys the laws of the land.
  12. Find the person who comes in time for any occasion.
  13. Find the person who occupies all the time for his Speeches
  14. Find the person who will do what he promises and will not promise something which he cannot do.
  15. You have already seen and experienced such persons who are like cancer to the society.
  16. Find the person who compliment another for his good job ,action or suggestion.
  17. Find a person who knows how to conduct a meeting peacefully with good discipline.
  18. Find a person who uses his tongue or speech ,opens his mouth only after proper thinking.