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HP - Global Warranty and FAQs

What is covered by HP Global Warranty
HP Global Warranty covers HP products at the level of standard warranty offered in the country in which it is used. For example, a product purchased in country "A" and moved to country "B" receives the current warranty coverage provided by country "B" (if that product is marketed or supported in country B).
What is not covered by HP Global Warranty
HP Global Warranty does not offer an identical warranty everywhere in the world. HP Global Warranty does not change or affect HP Service Agreements, HP Service Contracts, support services bundled with HP hardware, or HP SupportPacks.
HP will not alter form, fit or function of the product to make it operate in a country for which it was never intended to function, for legal or regulatory reasons.
QUESTION: If I purchase my product in country "A" and move it to country "B," do I have to register my product a second time with HP?
ANSWER: No. Since HP has a worldwide warranty database, users register only once.
QUESTION: Do you have to pay to obtain international warranty and/or declare/register PCs to be entitled for international factory warranty?
ANSWER: No. International warranty conditions are features of the products and no other registration is necessary. Detailed warranty information and support is available by contacting the HP Authorized Support Provider or their HP Customer Support.
QUESTION: If you purchase HP SupportPacks, are you entitled to International Warranty?
ANSWER: International Warranty applies to the factory warranty attached to the PCs at time of purchase. HP SupportPacks are, unless otherwise specified, a LOCAL country extension of the warranty, and the upgraded warranty is NOT international.
QUESTION: If HP has no support presence in the country of use, what should you do to get warranty services?
ANSWER: You can call HP Customer Support or HP Authorized Support Providers for diagnostic purposes. If a hardware service is required, two alternatives can be offered: The part can be dispatched by HP Customer Support or the HP Authorized Support Partner within the border of the country where they are located. It is your responsibility to get the part from this location, move it to the PC, and to return the defective parts - when required - to the same location. Associated costs are your responsibility. The PC may be moved, under your responsibility and at your cost, to the closest country where HP has support presence, or any other country chosen by yourself (depending on the logistics network), in order to get access to the solution. When HP has no support presence in the country of use, all actions and costs required to gain warranty services are your responsibility.
QUESTION: Does HP guarantee Onsite Next Business Day Service everywhere in the world?
ANSWER: If your product is eligible for Onsite Warranty service, response time in an HP Service Travel area is normally Next Business Day (excluding HP Holidays) for Travel zones 1-3 (usually 100 miles or 160km from the HP office). Response time is Second Business Day for zones 4-5 (usually 200 miles or 320km from the HP office). Response time will be Third Business Day for zone 6 (usually 300 miles or 480km from the HP office). The response time is negotiated for sites outside zone 6. Worldwide Customer Support Travel information is available from any HP Sales and Service Office. Response time is subject to change from standard conditions based upon non-local parts availability.
QUESTION: Does HP Global Warranty allow me to buy a product in one country and have it delivered in another?
ANSWER: No. HP Global Warranty does not change export rules. For example, if you purchase your product in country "A," you must take delivery in country "A." You may then move it to country "B" where it will be covered by the warranty available for that product in country "B."
QUESTION: Does the HP Global Warranty policy apply to refurbished products from HP?