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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Matunga I knew.

  1. When I was young, we lived in Venkata Vilas.
  2. This was the building where I lived with my parents and my sister and younger brother.
  3. He was an intelligent guy even at the age 2 years.
  4. He used to handover the Times of India when my father left for his office.
  5. I used to study in the nearby school.The rooms were very big.
  6. We had a nice time.
  7. My father,he took us to the Prabhat Theatre in Dadar(BB&CI)and saw Dyaneshwer in Marathi,
  8. We also saw a Tamil movie Thiruneela kandar.
  9. I still remember the song Deena karuna haranay,
  10. and the song Aadhee Bija Ekalay ,marathi.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

What you want to be ???

  2. What you want to be after 5 years?
  3. An Accounts Executive
  4. A Purchase executive
  5. A Production executive
  6. A Front Office Executive
  7. An Operations Executive
  8. A Quality  control Executive
  9. A Sales Executive
  10. An Advertising/Account Executive
  11.  Hotel  Management Executive
  12.  Market research Executive
  13.  Public Relations Executive
  14.  Software Development Executive
  15. An Administrative Officer
  16. A Personnel Officer
  17. An Insurance Officer
  18. Product Designer
  19. Company Secretary
  20. Private Secretary.
  21. Journalist
  22. Librarian
  23. Media/Event Planner
  24. Social Worker
  25. Bank Officer
  26. Copywriter/Script writer
  27. Creative Artist.
  28. Financial Analyst.
  29. Teacher/Professor
  30. Architect
  31. Entrepreneur
  32. Fashion Designer
  33. Interior Designer
  34. Performing Artist/Actor/Actress.
  35. Fine arts artist
  36. Photographer
  37. Stock broker.

Learn to grow

  1. You will get pleasure when you grow these plants at home.
  2. They will bless you too.
  3. They give more pleasure when they are growing and when they fully grow.

india intl exchange

India intl cultural Exchange

India intl. cultural Exchange

March 20, 2018
Every country has its own culture. 

You cannot compare one with the other.You can only appreciate the beauty in every culture.

 When you are very happy and in good  mood,both of you, You kiss in the middle of the road,even forgetting the traffic.

This is the western culture.
But the same thing happening in India it will look weird.
People will gaze at you.
Now it is changing.
Only wish is that they do not get gum bleeding or any tooth problem or any related disease.
Kissing your wife is O.K.but kissing any girl who is an acquintance is not welcome.

Now we come to the other area. People in India never needed appointment.You can visit any relative's house and join for lunch with whatever is available.

But there what happens?to go and enquire even about their welfare or health,you have to have an appointment.

To visit the doctor,you have to take an appointment.This is not the case in India.There are 1001 hospitals and clinics .Doctors are available easily..Drug stores are open even in a small city/town for 24 hours.

Functions and festivals are differently celebrated in each state of India. All relatives ake part and enjoy the festivities. Each festival is different.No one festival is the same.dishes made are also different. The customs and traditions and the costumes are also change.Hosting is done in a very nice way.Sometimes only you can see the whole group sitting together. The host will see to that , everyone and everything is taken care.

Marriage functions are different.Procession is a must.  Sometimes the bridegroom rides a horse to come to the Mandap or place or hall of marriage.They offer many kinds of sweets and nice dishes and the meals a grand one. Every one comes in a different attire.Banana trees are given special importance.They welcome you at the entrance.with the bananas hanging in the sideways, Sugar,ripened bananas, sweets and flowers and sugar are all kept on a table with flower bouquets and offered to the invitees without any discrimination.
Still  more to come.

Join from June or earlier

  2. You can become a member if you are a student or a teacher needing support.
  3. All students from anyboard  are welcome.Especially those who are studying in 5th to 10th std.
  4. You can benefit by learning from the mails.
  5. Your parents or elder brother/sister can help you to send in questions.
  6. you will get the answers within 48 hours.
  7. Whatever doubts you have in any subject.
  8. English,grammar,poem, prose, non-detail,literature and science,social studies, Hindi or Tamil,
  9. You can get real help.
  10. Will accept only 20 students from each class.
  11. Not more than that.Batch after Batch.
  12. Those who are interested in getting this benefit send in your requirements to
  13. Subscription will be decided later after the feedback.

Monday, March 19, 2018

India International Exchange. Info

India intl

Welcome to India intl

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Exchange your culture and enjoy

March 20, 2018

Money is the medium of exchange, Exchanging culture brings Goodwill and understanding.You all can become members of India intl.Exchange by becoming members , Membership fee is very reasonable. This is the invitation for you.Join win and enjoy. Subscription is just Rs. 3100/- In dollars.50.00 a one time fee.Renewal is just Rs.1570/- from the next year from the date of joining.You can mention your qualifications,experience and your needs in life. and benefit from the community of India intl, This is your area of operation,Feel free to suggest,constructively criticize and show others how we can go ahead in life with mutual cooperation.
Life s for living,smiling,laughing and enjoying. Make your life worth living and make others life too just the same or more.Spread cheers and happiness.Don't be a wet blanket or a spade. What you know best offer others.The well water will remain fresh if you go on drawing water from that or it will get spoiled or contaminated and use for no one.
Help the students, the future generation to become excellent citizens of the world and to spread peace,tranquility and good-will.Let the world remain in peace.Share what you have in excess with those who are starving to death.They are also your brethren.They also have a right to live and exist. When will you join IIE.India Intl Exchange and contribute your kind gesture and attitude towards all world citizens.
Spread the knowledge and awareness,make others lives too enjoyable and worth living.Money hoarding and becoming a billionaire is good to a certain extent.But that money if it goes in circulation it will bring prosperity.
We are all independent as well as inter dependent.Husband means he needs a wife to be so.Wife means she needs a man to be her husband. we need the trees and plants to give us life and oxygen and take back our co2  to keep this world clean and healthy.
When will you start.? Do not hesitate. Let us join hands and do something worthwhile when we are alive here and now.Change is always better.Like we change our clothes after a nice Let us change now..
you can join with me  as a web developer, designer, money changer, graphic designer and whatever  job or profession or skill or talent you do have, Excel in that and see that it gives satisfaction to yourself first and to others next.
Think,plan,decide,act and succeed. This is the only way to achieve anything in this wordl/
Wish you good luck!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Reseller club

  2. More than 10/12 /15 emails. have been sent with no result'
  3. I regret very much that such a great company cannot even work as an ordinary domains selling company.
  4. My problem is yet to be solved,
  5. I do not like the way in which they are treating a customer with 24 domains and multi hosting.
  6. My regrets see no limit.
  7. I wish they refund all the money they have got and for testing my patience and misguiding me for so many days and spoiling my peace of mind at the age of 85.
  8. I wish to receive a very good compensation from this excellent company.
  9. They have been fooling me. 
  10. I will never ever recommend this to anyone.
  18. I have domains with Go Daddy
  19. I have domains with Big Rock
  20. I have domains with Hostgator
  21. I do not face any problem with them, If I have they solve it also
  22. but Hostgator hesitates.
  23. this is my bitter experience with Resellers club.india

Making Money On line

  1. Everyone writes and talks about Money making on the line.
  2. But NO ONE  is interested to informing others even if they make a million.
  3. Greediness knows no ends.
  4. Everyone writes more than 2500 words,
  5. You have to read with patience.
  6. They will give you a bait  just like we put a bait for the fish.
  7. Finally they demand money to tell the secret of making money on line.
  8. No one does anything FREE for anyone even if they become BBillionaire.
  9. This what LIFE IS.

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