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Monday, February 24, 2014

Open your Eyes

  • Open your eyes and look around.
  • The Sun rises ,day by day, wakes you up in the early morning.
  • He doesn't hesitate or postpone his duty.
  • Follow him and do like wise.
  • Thank Him for coming   and making your day a bright one.
  • What does he teach you?
  • "I  rise up slowly slowly and brighter and brighter to make your day a good and pleasant day by giving you warmth and light.You also can do it if you have the will to do it.Spread cheers and happiness and wish everyone you meet Good Morning and also Have a good day."
  • "Make some one's life happy and pleasant too and this you can surely do.:
  • The children go to school to play with their classmates and study their lessons .The teachers take special interest and guide them.They all become the best citizens of the world.
  • They always learn a new lesson everyday or revise the lessons they have learnt.
  • "Be a child and see and look around.Find ways and means to do anything in a better way and shorten the flow-chart
  • to the extent possible to do that job accurately and quickly."
  • "Life is for living,smiling,laughing and enjoying."
  • You have before you 86400 seconds to breathe.
  • Inhale,Exhale and remember to breathe every second.
  • Try to live for that second and for a minute .The whole day  can be happy and pleasant.
  • TRY,TRY AGAIN and again until you GAIN.
  • Read a good book everyday and whenever you can.
  • Books  of the authors like Dale Carnegie,David J.Schwartz,
  • Napoleon Hill and many books which will show you the way how to live well.
  • Listen more and talk less.Have a big heart and listen.
  • Every man and his thinking and opinions are bound to differ.
  • It is good to be so.You will gain more knowledge by exchanging experiences in a short time.
  • You need not take another birth to live more and to learn.
  • Learn small courtesies like" Please,If you please,Thank  you,Thanks a lot,Thank a million,Excuse me,I'm sorry,
  • Pardon, I apologize,It's very kind of you,It's very nice of you.May I help you? Could you please do me  favor?
  • Learn Positive,constructive and creative words to use at every opportunity and you can do wonders.
  • Your ever learning and happy attitude will pave your way to the pinnacle of success.
  • SEE the 25 per cent and Don't ever say or think 75 percent it is done and the area is saturated.
  • Know your destination and it is easy to reach.
  • Have a goal,ambition aim,target and you can attain that goal.
  • Know and Decide where to go and you can find a way to go there.
  • Read  or listen, understand what you read or listen,
  • Analyse, Revise and Review .This is the surest way to get what you want to gain.

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