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Sunday, May 13, 2018


Anything is easy to learn.

What you need is the attitude and willing to learn with more of enthusiasm and effort.

Everything is possible for the person who thinks he can. 

You are showered with 86400 seconds by God who created you and sent you in this world.

Say always It's possible,I can,I will and I must.

As you think you become.You want to be a beggar you can be, if you want to be rich you can be.

You are your own enemy and you are your own friend.

You are the architect of your own fortune.

Sitting in the pavilion and commenting on the cricket players is not the right way to play Cricket. You have to get down in the field and start playing.

Yes,anything is easy to learn.

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Blessings and best wishes.

The Eyes have it- RUSKIN BOND

  • Which station is this? Rohana.
  •  Who is getting in? A girl,I think.
  • Who are at the station to give her a send-off? 
  • May be her parents.
  • What instructions is the woman giving the girl? where to keep her things,Not to lean out of the window, and to avoid speaking to strangers.What did he like of her? Her voice and the sound of the slippers which slapped against her heels.
  • What does he ask her? whether she is going to Dehra.Dehradun?
  • Why is she surprised? because his voice startled her.
  • What does she say to him that she was not expecting anyone in the compartment.What do the people do who cannot see? their other senses work very well. 
  • What does he tell her? He did not see her ,he heard only her coming.What does he want to avoid? that he is blind
  • What does she tell Him? She is going to Saharanpur,]
  • Who will come and meet her? her aunt.
  • What does he say about aunts? they are formidable,arousing fear or admiration.
  • What does she ask him? Where he is going,
  • What reply does he give her? that he is going to Dehradun.
  • Then he is proceeding to Mussoorie.
  • What does she tell him? one should be lucky to go there.she also is wishing to go there. and especially in October.
  • How does he describe Mussoorie? the hills are covered with wild dahlias.Sun is delicious. one can sit at night in front of log fire and drink a little brandy.In October many of the tourists might have left.
  • What does he think of her? May be,she has taken him as a romantic fool.
  • What else does do? He sits near ledge of the window.He tells her about the telegraph posts moving and the trees.
  • What happens at Saharanpur? She packs her things and ,tries to get down.What does he specially want to know? whether she wore her hair in a bun, or plaited or hang loose on her shoulders.
  • What happens at Saharanpur station? A gentleman got in.He hits her ny mistake says sorry to her.
  • What does he hear at Saharanpur station? her aunt's high pitched voice near the entrance.
  • Then what does the train do?It gathers speed. its wheels sing.with rhythm.the carriage groans and shakes.
  • What does the man who entered ask him? he is not so attractive as was the travelling companion. 
  • What does he ask the man? whether she kept her hair long or short.
  • What does he tell the narrator? her eyes are of no use to her,They are beautiful.but she is blind. Did he not notice her?
  • Why the narrator is not able to know more about her?
  • because he too is blind.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018




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Friday, May 4, 2018


What is TWG??

It is You try,You Win, You Gain.

English is such a wonderful language ,with 26 alphabet.

You can describe,modify and qualify and you can do wonders with this language.

You can tell her,"I love you", with  a nice gesture and it will mean that.

She will really love you

.Do not flatter,do not boast, say sincerely, and you mean and it will become a reality.

You will really enjoy your life and make the other person joyous and peaceful.

Use always POSITIVE words and see the result.

You need not give presents,gifts,money or anything to a child.

You only give him a smile and he will give you a wonderful smile

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

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