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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Reseller club

  2. More than 10/12 /15 emails. have been sent with no result'
  3. I regret very much that such a great company cannot even work as an ordinary domains selling company.
  4. My problem is yet to be solved,
  5. I do not like the way in which they are treating a customer with 24 domains and multi hosting.
  6. My regrets see no limit.
  7. I wish they refund all the money they have got and for testing my patience and misguiding me for so many days and spoiling my peace of mind at the age of 85.
  8. I wish to receive a very good compensation from this excellent company.
  9. They have been fooling me. 
  10. I will never ever recommend this to anyone.
  18. I have domains with Go Daddy
  19. I have domains with Big Rock
  20. I have domains with Hostgator
  21. I do not face any problem with them, If I have they solve it also
  22. but Hostgator hesitates.
  23. this is my bitter experience with Resellers club.india

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