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Friday, May 4, 2018


What is TWG??

It is You try,You Win, You Gain.

English is such a wonderful language ,with 26 alphabet.

You can describe,modify and qualify and you can do wonders with this language.

You can tell her,"I love you", with  a nice gesture and it will mean that.

She will really love you

.Do not flatter,do not boast, say sincerely, and you mean and it will become a reality.

You will really enjoy your life and make the other person joyous and peaceful.

Use always POSITIVE words and see the result.

You need not give presents,gifts,money or anything to a child.

You only give him a smile and he will give you a wonderful smile

.Learn more words,positive to gain what you want in life.

Say always IT IS POSSIBLE,I CAN,IWILL, AND I MUST.whatever you want to get.

Share Love and spread Cheers and see the result.

You can join as a member of
TWG with a one time fee of Rs.157/- and you can get this back by your writing stories,suggestions,opinions,skits,poems or anything which will boost the confidence of the person reading and enjoying.

The website owner will appreciate and offer you the same amount Rs.157/- in the form of a gift certificate from a bank.

The website owner likes very much to see a smile on every individual and wishes from the bottom of his heart the very best of everything in life for those who care,consider and read these lines and promote the idea to others for everyone's mutual benefit

.Life is for Living,smiling ,laughing and enjoying

.Forget the past,live in the present and expect the best and BEST only in future.

You become what you think for you are the architect of your own fortune.You can learn Easy English,poems,prose,supplementary items, dramas.

Anything is easy if you try.You can try,win and gain good marks and you can gain confidence in what you do.

You can join TWG-English for Rs.467/ -per month

.You can send in your doubts for clarification and you will get the answers within 48 hours.

This is applicable to students in all medium of instructions.

Any one can join ,there is no restriction at all.Try for three months 90 days only.

Gain most.Be happy.Be confident.

We will suggest such books which can keep in your home library  and read one chapter from one book.


Your success and happiness is more important and A smile on your face and a contentment in your heart will compensate the efforts of TWG-English website.

Blessings and all best wishes be yours for ever and ever. You can for all enquiries.

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