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Monday, September 17, 2018

learn to make money

  2. There are 1001 ways to make money.
  3. There is no need to beg,borrow or steal or cheat.
  4. Find  a need and fulfill it
  5. .You will be doing a service with job satisfaction and money will come to you.
  6. If you know something really good, if you find something good, you can use either the Blogger or the You Tube.
  7. People are looking for what to do when you have a leaking nose, when they are obese, which organic foods are more healthy, how to keep your hairs in tact, how to look young to be attractive to all,how to cook tasty dishes, and what not.
  8. The needs are rising day by day and there is no end.
  9. Some want scooters, some want cycles, some want cars,some how to save petrol and diesel.
  10. Some want to find how to SAVE  and also some want to know which Razor or something which will give them clean shave to be appreciated by their better half.
  11. Some want to save bu they do not know How, there are people who take advantage of them and fool them and make money showing them to lend their hard earned savings at a FAT interest thereby losing what they have.
  12. Best thing is to invest a small amount in Mutual Funds  but after thorough investigation not at the suggestion of your so called well-wishers.
  13. Before you jump in the river,find whether there are whirl-pools and then try to swim even though you may be gold medal winner in SWIMMING.
  14. Learn how to live with positive thinking and creative living.
  15. Life is for living,smiling,laughing and enjoying.
  16. God has given 86400 seconds to relax and think and take the right decision and action.

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