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Saturday, April 28, 2018 website

  • What is Education?
  •  Open up schools do investment  and for return on investment, collect money under different heads,Quantity is more important than quality, Parents are the worst sufferers ,they run after schools which demand  more fees and for the sake of their children,thinking that they have to give the children the best education ,and  for what ,to get maximum number of marks, to get jobs and earn good money, even to go abroad for security sake and to lead a good luxurious life.
  • In the past, this was not the case, the children never carried so many books and note books, they also got education and they also got married, they also brought their children in a nice manner and the children many of them were great in their own ways.
  • Demands were less. children went to school by walk, getting more bodily exercise, played many games, they also had homework and they were very happy.
  • Holidays were real holidays,for enjoyment.They were able to visit their relatives and know more about relations,agriculture,had lived without any pollution  and less contaminated food.
  • They were all healthy .They had the organic food and vegetables and had right enough of exercise and energy giving food.
  • They never visited the hospitals like now.
  • Education is for getting awareness for what is going on in this world., and to know how to live well in the present world.
  • The burden or load which they carry now, the homework which they do all the time, and the spare time available is being spent on video -games and cell phones.
  • They are exposed to many good and the other things.
  • Following the ""Monkey sees Monkey do" principle, they minds get polluted and they turn different .
  • The parents' force on one side, the teacher's burden on the other side, to compete with all, to mug up and vomit all that is not needed in real life make them irritable with more stress.
  • Education has become more commercial and money making producing machines.
  • Every person wants to open a school not with the magnanimous heart to help build a good nation, but to build  big palatial buildings, and to make money by all means.
  • Copying and aping the other nations,without thinking and finding our how they are suitable to our present conditions is not thought of.
  • The children of the present days are the most sufferers at the hands of all.
  • To run a school, you have to grease the hands of many,
  • and from where will they get back the money thus spent except to collect exorbitant manner from the parents.

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